LiveLogic: The Science of Turning Data Into Decisions

You need the ability to monitor your business without having to copy and paste data into Excel, mash it together with a bunch of links and formulas, and hope the resulting reports are accurate enough to make decisions with.

Don’t measure twice. Measure millions of times.

You need analytics that show you the health of your customers, products, distributors, and key metrics at a glance, alert you to problems or victories, and allow you to easily drill down into the details of what is happening.

You need an experienced guide.

We have been building dashboards and custom analytical applications for companies like EDS, Reddy Ice, HP, LSG Sky Chefs, Greyhound, Sally Beauty, and the Dallas Mavericks for the past 15 years. This is proven technology that makes a dramatic difference. Custom BI solutions take advantage of the hardware, software, and IT skills you already have, and your analytical capabilities are custom-made for your needs.

Your data knows what you should do